Peregrine Logistics


peregrineAnother wing of Rajmudra Group’s logistics division, Peregrine Logistics houses a 10 acre docking yard used for vehicle storage and other warehousing operations. Spread over a huge area of 60,000 sq ft tailor-made warehouse, Peregrine logistics has been functional in:

  •     C & F Agency operations
  •     Warehousing
  •     Transportation
  •     Express Cargo

Peregrine Logistics follows a preset flow of operational channel, which enhances efficiency and output. This involves continuous monitoring and maintenance for quality in:

  •     Serving Customer
  •     Product Selection
  •    Quantification and Procurement
  •     Inventory Management through storage and distribution


At + Post: Jategaon Shikrapur Chakan Road, Taluka: Shirur
Dist: Pune, Maharastra India
Tel: 02137-676818

Rajneesh Shrivastav
Business Development Manager
Email: (for general inquiries) | (for sales and customer support)